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Orbera Gastric Balloon

Do you need to lose anywhere from 20-60 pounds but just can't seem to make it happen with diet and exercise and other conservative measures? Now there is a safe, affordable and proven method to achieve your goal in a short time period.

We are now introducing the ORBERA GASTRIC BALLOON

With this new, innovative and soon to be the first FDA approved gastric balloon for non-surgical weight loss, your weight loss goal can be easily achieved within 2-6 months and also maintained for the long term. We offer free consultations for this new non-surgical weight loss method. Call us at 800-GBC-7103.


The LAP-BAND® System is the least invasive and
safest bariatric surgical procedure available.

A band is simply placed around the stomach ... details >

What You Can Expect after Gastric Banding.

What To Expect

Gastric Banding Medical Group in San Diego, holds daily seminars to promote the Lap-Band System® procedure for obesity & weight loss.

Learn about the gastric band, surgical indications, risks & complications, results, what to expect during the post operative period, and the costs of this relatively safe and totally reversible procedure.

See how gastric banding compares to other types of weight loss surgery. Visit our frequently asked questions page; view our educational materials, and read what patients have said about their experience with the gastric banding procedure.

Let us educate you about what it means to be overweight, how to manage your weight in light of special conditions (i.e. gallstones; prescription drugs for weight loss; etc.), and how to start a diet and exercise program that is just right for you.