If your insurance does not cover the procedure or if you have no insurance, we offer a very reasonable cash discounted fee.

Our cash discounted fee includes the following:

1. Outpatient facility
2. LAP-BAND® System Gastric-Band device
3. Pre-Op tests
4. Surgeon and Assistant Surgeon
5. Anesthesiologist
6. Pre-Op appointments
7. Routine post-op appointments for one year including office band adjustments
8. Pre-op consultations

• Psychological
• Dietician
• Anesthesia
• Medical
• Surgical


FINANCING IS AVAILABLE – Call 1-800-GBC-7103 and see application at bottom of this page.

*Credit Cards Accepted.

Beware of Low Lap-Band System Gastric Banding Procedure Prices

Be sure that the practice is not cutting corners and that there are no hidden charges.  The least expensive is not necessarily the best.

We believe that these questions will help you avoid pitfalls and be sure you will be receiving the best quality care at the best price:

  1. Do the surgeon, assistant surgeon, anesthesiologist and facility all carry Bariatric surgery malpractice liability insurance?
  2. How experienced is the surgeon?  Does the surgeon have Bariatric surgery training?  Also, since the Lap-Band should be done laparoscopically, how well trained and experienced is the surgeon in minimally invasive laparoscopy procedures?  Also is the surgeon board certified?
  3. Does the practice use a fully trained and experienced surgeon as an assistant for the procedure or does it use a non-physician assistant such as an operating room technician?  The assistant surgeon should also be Lap-Band certified.
  4. Does the practice use a fully trained, licensed and Bariatric surgery experienced anesthesiologist or do they use a lesser trained and experienced person such as a nurse anesthetist?
  5. Is the procedure performed in a quality facility that is at minimum state licensed, and accredited by JCAHO or AAAHC?  If the facility does not have these credentials, it is not regulated and therefore is a lesser quality facility.
  6. What type of gastric Band is used?  The very best band in the world today is the Lap-Band AP system made by Inamed/Allergan.  Inamed/Allergen have world wide experience with Gastric Banding for almost 30 years.  The Lap-Band AP system has been proven to be the very best Gastric Band system available.  It is not the least expensive but it is the very best quality band.  A number of other gastric bands are available but they are of lesser quality and price.
  7. Find out what the quoted price includes.  It should include all of the following if it is a comprehensive fee with no hidden charges:
    1. All pre op care consisting of pre op lab work and other required test including a psychological consultation, nutritional consultation, medical clearance consult, anesthesia consult and Bariatric surgery consultation and exam.
    2. The AP Lap-Band system device.
    3. The surgeon’s fee.
    4. The assistant surgeon’s fee.
    5. Anesthesiologist’s fee.
    6. The facility fee which includes the pre-op room , operating room, recovery room and all medical, surgical, anesthesia supplies and equipment plus pharmaceuticals or drugs.
    7. The post op visits and Band adjustments for one year.

Note: We are a dedicated Outpatient Lap Band practice and we offer the procedure at a substantially reduced discounted fee. This is a comprehensive fee with no hidden charges and it includes all of the above items.  One of the primary areas of savings with our practice is that we perform the procedure as an outpatient which is generally less costly than hospitalization.*

So in summary, by asking the above questions and making cost comparisons you should be able to determine where you can receive the best quality care at the best price.

As mentioned above, one of the best things that our practice does is that we perform the Lap-Band procedure as an outpatient and not in the hospital.  The Lap-Band surgery should not be done in the hospital unless there is an absolute medical reason to do so.*  All our Lap-Band procedures are performed in a California State Licensed, AAAHC accredited and Medicare certified facility which is equivalent to any hospital facility.  Our patients go home the same day as the procedure after a very short stay in the recovery room and most of our patients are back to work or regular activities within 2 days.  *

* Results may vary.

When you have the procedure done in the hospital environment there are multiple disadvantages as follows:

  1. Hospital surgery will cost you more money.
  2. Hospital surgery puts patients at increased risk for antibiotic resistant staph infections which in some hospitals is as high as 4 percent.  These staph infections tend to be resistant to antibiotic treatment and sometimes they become chronic lifetime recurring infections.
  3. There is no dedicated team in most hospitals to perform the Lap-Band procedure.  In the outpatient surgical center we have our own experienced team including anesthesiologists, operating room nurses, operating room technicians and recovery room nurses.  Everyone is very experienced and well trained for the procedure.
  4. Most patients don’t like the institutional environment of the hospitals.  The outpatient setting is much more private and comfortable.


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