Post-op after the LAP-BAND® System procedure, there is very low risk of nutritional deficiencies as long as patients eat a healthy diet.*

Even though there are risks associated with the LAP-BAND® System weight loss surgical system, they are much less than with other types of weight loss surgical procedures.  Some of the risks may involve re-operation and or hospitalization. Most complications however are not serious.*

* Consult your physician about possible risks.  Results may vary.

Gastric erosion and perforation or a tear in the stomach is one serious complication that can occur.  Other complications that might occur are:*

  • Nausea and vomiting*
  • Acid Reflux (Heart Burn)*
  • LAP-BAND® System Slippage*
  • Gastrointestinal obstruction and esophageal dilatation*
  • Gastric Prolapse (Protrusion of stomach through the band)*
  • Problems with the Access port*
  • Injury to the stomach and other internal organs*
  • Blood Clots and Phlebitis*
  • Hemorrhage (bleeding)*
  • Infection*
  • Pneumonia*
  • Scar Ring*

These complications, if they do occur, can usually be corrected with minimal difficulty.*

* Consult your physician about possible risks.  Results may vary.